Car Wash Chemicals

Car Wash Soaps and Chemicals

We carry the following Simoniz car wash soaps and chemicals. The Simoniz name has stood for quality American-made products since 1911! Contact us today and one of our salesmen will help you decide which car wash chemicals are right for your equipment.

Alkaline Presoaks

  • Pass 2
  • Prep
  • Quest

Body Shampoos

  • (Blue, Pink, Yellow) Conditioner
  • (Blue, Pink, Yellow) Conditioner – Cherry
  • Supreme
  • Ultra

Bug Removers

  • Don’t Bug Me


  • Simoniz Hot Wax

Low pH Body Shampoos

  • Magic Lustre

Low pH Presoaks

  • Car Lovers Bolt

Polish and Conditioners

  • (Blue, Pink, Yellow) Diamond

Powdered Alkaline Presoaks

  • Dream


  • VisionClear

Sealants and Drying Agents

  • Car Lovers Kleer Kote Sealer
  • Cherry Glo


  • RX Anti-Freeze Triple

Tire Dressing

  • Prism

Wheel and Tire Cleaners

  • Brake Away
  • Golden Foaming Whitewall
  • Rage Plus