Air Machines & Vacuums

We now have more ways for you to get the Air Machine and Vacuum equipment you need!

Profit Share Or Purchase Equipment

 Are You Currently Getting What You Deserve Out of Your Equipment?

  • How old Is the equipment at your site?
  • Does it use the latest technology?
  • How often are your machines breaking down?
  • Are you losing money and irritating your customers?

 Are You Getting The Service You Deserve?

  • How long are your machines out of order?
  • How do you know?
  • How many customers go somewhere else when the equipment is down?
Are You Getting The Revenue You Deserve?
  • How much revenue is the equipment really generating?
  • How do you know?
  • How is the revenue recorded and verified?
  • Is there any opportunity for shrinkage by your provider?

We offer brand new, state-of-the-art equipment with optional remote monitoring


Every transaction is tracked guaranteeing an accurate payout.

 Why You Should Choose Our Vacs?

  • Increased revenue
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • New reliable equipment
  • Smart technology
  • Detailed reporting
  • Customer branded equipment
  • Proven track record

 Why Profit Share?

  • Competitive revenue share
  • No equipment cost
  • No maintenance cost
  • No “hidden” charges
  • Timely & quality service