Water Conditioning/Reclaim

PurWaterThe PurWater system is a perfect combination of function and form, incorporating the versatility of variable Frequency Drive Technology operated by a Programmable Logic Controller.
The patent pending PurWater Succession Self Purging™ Filtration Technology is a totally physical process that eliminates the need and ongoing expense of antiquated bag or disposable filters while providing the Operator with a consistent production of optimum engineered certified 5 micron product water for his or her specific wash application.

The PurWater system has also successfully addressed the issues of odor typically associated with reclaiming wash water utilizing the same innovative thinking that has become synonymous with the New Wave name. The PurWater system offers several options for odor control starting with our exclusive patent pending chemical-free Air Sparger™ Odor Control system, Enzyme or Ozone systems.

PurWater Systems

Braswell Water QualityWater Softeners

Your car wash needs a steady flow of soft, high-quality water.  Our expandable and modular line of Braswell Water Quality Systems can provide the uninterrupted service and high performance you’re looking for.

Twin Tank Water SystemBraswell Twin Tank Demand Systems

  • Both tanks operate independently to deliver an uninterrupted supply of soft, high-quality water.
  • Handles the hardest water and removes heavy metals better than co-current systems.
  • Efficient five-cycle upflow regeneration uses less salt and water.
  • Regeneration is triggered as needed, not on a fixed schedule.
  • Downflow service draws softened water from the cleanest part of the resin bed.



Eight Tank Water SystemBraswell Eight-Tank System

  • High-performance system delivers up to 200 gallons per minute per bank.  For higher flow rates, add more banks.
  • Easy-to-expand design is ideal for high-demand applications such as car washes, restaurants, manufacturers, hospitals, schools, and hotels.
  • Modular design provides flexibility and versatility, even in compact spaces.